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And not all situations necessitate a win-win outcome.

As Professor Snell wrote in his research paper, an accommodating approach can work extremely well when you’re a vendor negotiating with a customer, and that relationship with the customer is more important to you than the outcome of that particular negotiation.

Litigation lawyers are employed as an advocate to obtain the best results for their clients and are, by nature, in an adversarial relationship with the person they’re negotiating with.

It makes sense for them to adopt a win-lose approach, and not doing so can put their clients at a disadvantage.

When he negotiates, he himself follows what he calls the “one percent rule,” where he aims to know just one percent more than the person that he is negotiating with. The effect is, you appear knowledgeable, impartial, and credible.

That’s how you get the negotiation going.” you to be a certain way, then that perception will influence your negotiation even if it’s not your true trait.

A compromising, avoiding, and competing approach all can work when the stakes are small, and when you’re under a time crunch to complete the negotiation.

For example, your car breaks down and you need it fixed ASAP–you might be willing to compromise and make concessions for an increase in price in exchange for having it done a day early, even if there is very little added effort on the mechanic’s part.

Whether you’re a college grad advocating for a salary bump for the first time, or a seasoned employee who needs to convince their bosses to allocate a bigger budget for training and development–it’s a situation filled with nerves, personality clashes, egos, and uncertainties.

And at times, it’s in your interest to lean into that trait–particularly when it’s clear that the person you’re negotiating with respects that about you.

Knowing how to communicate with your former spouse will make it a lot easier to reach an agreement with them.

Now that you’ve learned some strategies to communicating, the next step is to learn how to negotiate.

Though you and your former spouse are separated as a couple you may still need to make decisions together for your children or on other matters.

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