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And the anxious adult is equally surprised, and sometimes ashamed, at just how much they are asking of others.Recognizing that accommodation is in effect is the first step. Or do continue as usual, and keep asking others for accommodation?Employers are responsible for taking an active role in ensuring that accommodation solutions are investigated and implemented promptly.Examples of accommodating invisible disabilities in the workplace include, but are not limited to: If the accommodation measures implemented are not working as intended or the needs have changed, employees should work with their employer to find ways to modify their accommodations.However, for the individual with anxiety, you are confronted with a dilemma: Do I try to manage my anxiety without asking for accommodation? But I don’t want to do that either, it doesn’t work! For long-standing anxiety that has demanded months or even years of accommodation, suddenly cutting it off cold turkey can be very distressing for most people.

An invisible disability can be a cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, or sensory condition that limits a person’s behaviours, senses, or activities.

People with disabilities deserve the respect and dignity that any other employee receives.

They are whole people and are not defined by their disabilities.

However, if an employer does not know about a disability, then the duty to accommodate is absent.

Secondly, all parties must work together to find appropriate accommodation solutions.

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