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Their odd be a few odd ones who are rational, its a gamble. And no im not grumpy, Im fucked off because of people like this who make money for shit service and ripping people off. We would be very grateful if you could add us to your list. Its new and we are just starting out, so we are pushing hard for new members and are giving away FREE Premium Membership. Agree with everything you have said Dee Elite singles is useless to use i certainly would not recommend this site to anybody.So annoying not being able to look at the site without signing up first! Ll never know if any message I get is actually from the member or if the site is playing games.Also i made the mistake of paying to join and didnt read the fine print, thinking i was paying month by month but they hit me for the whole lot up front. Not that keen to deal with single angry menopausal women.

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He will call, spin lies, and then make up a story about his daughter getting injured on a work trip in Nigeria and ask for money. Would like to know if the volume and quality of females on the site justifies the investment. The free members get to do everything that premium do except for create new date nights. Therefore, I would not recommend Elite Singles, just stick with Tinder since there are so many good looking and chatting girls over there. Ve added their email address to the end of their message. Was scammed by a man claiming to be Russell Segers, he used fake photos of someone and their daughter, and he spun lies for a month before it became obvious he was one of the Nigerian based scammers targeting women for money.Nz not only promoting site in new zealand but also in australia. Find someone to share your life, your heart and your bed How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors.Join my site its new but im sure im giving what the people want all in one.Catfishing is the term that MTV have created an entire series around where people pretend to be someone their not. Not at all surprised by the admission from Rob above regarding the ethical management of his member database perhaps being the cause of the demise of his site. Decent, respectful, honest, loving, sweet, and caring. Had just signed up and done part of my profile one night when the next morning I got 49 emails from the site with about 30 messages from members.

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