Advice dating your neighbor dating someone who smokes marijuana

What are the odds that the love of your life lives in your hood, much less your zip code?If The Great Gatsby taught us anything, sometimes it’s better to long for something than to actually have it; use that approach to your neighborhood crush.When you move into a new place and notice you have a hot neighbor, it takes you just seconds to wonder if they’re available and, if they are, you start plotting just how long you should wait until you go over and ask for a cup of sugar (and of course you’re thinking “is that even a real thing or just a sitcom move?”) But what is it about the “girl/boy next door” that’s really that desirable?If you break up with someone who lives by you, you will have to work twice as hard to avoid running into each other.

When you’re into someone, knowing you could run into him at any moment when you’re simply walking to get coffee makes your neighborhood feel more exciting.A week later, I was coming home late only to find her sitting by herself in the courtyard drinking wine and reading a book. We hung out and had a great time until about 3am before finally calling it a night. If you break up, it'll be as awkward as it is to see my downstairs neighbor who likes to sit around with his windows open, naked as the day he was born.However, we did exchange numbers and now the past few days we have been texting nonstop - even while right next door to each other. If I can deal with with him, you can deal with her.But what about when you break things off on good terms and decide to stay being good friends?This situation could also make your love life suffer because there’s nothing worse than making your partner insecure about who your eyes lay on.

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