And kellan lutz dating

[ 17 ] In 2012, Lutz made a special guest appearance on the TV Show 30 Rock . [ 18 ] He is also a supporter of West African primate conservation charity Ape Action Africa.

as himself, where he pretended to be related to the character J. and used the Dublin premiere of the film Tarzan to raise funds for the charity's work to save endangered gorillas and chimpanzees. [ 20 ] Lutz endorsed the documentary film The Paw Project .

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[ 25 ] [ 26 ] He dated 90210 co-star Anna Lynne Mc Cord on and off from January 2009 to May 2011.

[ 27 ] [ 28 ] [ 29 ] In August 2011, Lutz began dating Australian actress Sharni Vinson.

Kellan said no — and that he's "happily single." Rumors otherwise "are hilarious," apparently, but he and Miley are just buddies, "who run in the same circle.

Sure, maybe they've kissed a few times in a dark corner/the bathroom at Hollywood events but that's just what good LA friends do.

[ 30 ] September 2006 - July 2008 Kellan Lutz dated Kayla Ewell for two years.

[ 19 ] He is also a supporter of rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. which focuses on the declawing of exotic and domesticated cats in America.

[ 21 ] Personal life [ edit ] He enjoys numerous outdoors and fitness activities.

And the most important Miley-themed question for Kellan Lutz is, of course, ARE YOU GUYS MADLY IN LOVE AND [deep breath] CAN WE COME TO THE WEDDING PLEASE?

Seacrest managed to dial the hysteria back a little, because he's a solid presenter like that, and just asked Kellan if the pair are dating.

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