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The dean's plan comes into play just before the homecoming parade to end all parades for all time. Face, for himself to play, but John Landis felt Ramis was too old.

Ramis was so disappointed, that he refused to accept a smaller part Landis offered him (Ramis was thirty-two, Peter Riegert, who eventually played Boon, was twenty-nine).

Even so, research has shown the species reaches sexual maturity at age 15, and that males have a modified pelvic fin called a clasper to impregnate females (internally).

Based on observations of other shark species, researchers believe male white sharks must first bite their mates near their heads or pectoral fins, giving them enough leverage to insert their claspers.

After maturing, the male will spin a small "sperm web." He deposits some semen into the web and coats his palps —two appendages near the mouth, which resemble tiny claws or thick antennae — with sperm. When he finds a mature female, the male will perform a vibratory song and dance on her web by plucking the strands as he walks around.

He cautiously makes his way to the female, and then starts tapping her body.

The other male will either bow low and cough (signifying he declines the challenge) or fight back, resulting in a violent boxing match that usually ends when the loser runs away.After a male has won access to a female, he will grab her at the waist from behind with his powerful arms, hold her still and mate with her for up to 50 minutes.Interestingly, females have three vaginas — two for sperm and one in the middle for birthing.Eventually, the male will insert his palps into the female's reproductive opening on her abdomen.With his sperm deposited, the male hightails out of there, lest he becomes a post-sex snack — at least for species that prefer a post-coital meal.

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