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Do you have the fragile but transformative powers of the Celtic Butterfly? It basically comes from two terms that mean “star logic.” Mind you, modern skeptics would scoff mightily at the thought of stars’ movement influencing a person’s fate, let alone how well the toast came out that morning (and whether it landed butter side down).Click to find and learn all about your Celtic Zodiac Sign. Nonetheless, this system has been around for thousands of years and the ancients relied on it for a great deal.

Read the in-depth description for Libra Traits, Personality, & Characteristics. Read the in-depth description for Scorpio Traits, Personality, & Characteristics. Their best character trait is the fact that they always consider the needs of others. These Zodiac Signs are psychic, sensitive, and empathic. These Zodiac Signs are all about communication, ideas, analysis, and philosophy. These Zodiac Signs are passionate, feisty, and dynamic personalities who love the limelight!

If you were born December 22 – January 19, you are a goose. What are your personality traits and characteristics according to Celtic journeymen and astrologers?

Do you have the sheer raw power of the Celtic Bull?

It teaches us about the human condition from the eyes of many eras and cultures. This art does not play judge and jury; it has no bias.

It simply gives us a glimpse into our personal tools and how we might use them effectively for self-actualization mundanely and spiritually. Just like you can draw a box then erase a line and make it into a triangle, you still hold the correction fluid for your life firmly in hand.

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