Baby bash dating

fit=300,229&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i1com/ Anda-Wiki.jpg? fit=600,457&ssl=1" /‘ which has 13 million views on You Tube.Born on 3rd November of 1989, she was born to Barbara and Steven De Anda’s house. At that time, the song landed on 54th rank in the US Chartbuster.It is revealed that Dana Bash is not in any kind of personal relationship, with another man or a boyfriend, after her separation with John King.

Dana and John had a son, Jonah Frank King, in 2011.

There was no indication of what made them to separate in less than four years of their marriage. Her first marriage with Jeremy B Bash, the chief of staff of the secretary of defense, ended in failure and Dana moved on and married John King in 2008. When their son was born, John King sent an email to his colleague, stating that their son will be named after the two heroes of their life, John’s mom and Dana’s grandfather.

King has a son and a daughter from his first marriage that ended in divorce. Her personal life and heartbreaks never affected her professional life. There were many controversies about her affair with Ron Paul in many internet sites, but nothing was proved.

Dana Bash married again shortly, after her first divorce.

Her second marriage life with Bash was heart wrenching as she mentioned and she had to face divorce, for the second time.

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