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Infinitive: to backdate Present Tense: backdated Past Tense: backdates Present Continuous: backdating Definition 1: To put a date prior to the date of the signing of the particular document on a that document.

There have been cases where documents have purposely been backdated with a criminal intent or for a purpose of perpetuating a fraud or committing a crime.

Usually it would be the signing date, since an earlier date would mean the business is subjected to the confidentiality obligation before they even had the chance to advise their representatives it was subject to the obligation.

Backdating documents violates United States tax laws in the following situations: Other jurisdiction laws are similar.

The misrepresentation might be found in another document or contract, in response to a discovery request, or in a governmental filing.

One statutory provision, 18 USCS 10012, allows for criminal liability for specific false statements, including those who have a connection to certain credit applications.

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