Beards are intimidating

Since you’re not going to be seeing any little kids or women sporting beards, it’s a known identifier as physical maturity in men.In a similar study to the beard aggression one, it was found that beards are associated with maturity and higher social status by both sexes.One day he caught me stroking my chin and asked "Caitlin, why are you doing that? It always serves for a good laugh and if you find some chicken in your beard later, whatevs. Plus, look what else you can do with a beard, some ramen, and some beer: 6. With all of that shaving you probably did during your tween years, it's no wonder you were secretly calling the Proactive hotline ordering that stuff in bulk." And I so nonchalantly replied: "Because Dad, it's not fair that you can grow a beard and I can't! Different dirts get caught in or irritate your pores when you shave often.

You’re also less likely to get ingrown hairs once you stop shaving.

" As this evidence proves, from a young age I have coveted beards from afar. That causes pimples or acne which causes you to lather on the moisturizers and medications!

Always longing to grow one, always being too feminine to do so. When you have a beard, your skin is protected from outside dirts and since you don't need to shave anymore, your pores aren't irritated.

“Humans also have unusual structural protections for the head, face and neck, areas that are especially accessible during intraspecies attack, and highly vulnerable to damage.

One of these, the beard, consists of coarse hairs that grow indefinitely, but only for males, and only during and following puberty; suggesting that it, like the lion’s mane, may serve as protection in intraspecies male fights”.

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