Beer commercial dating site

This quick one for the beer brand finds the Bud Light knights hiding out in a Trojan Horse.

Honestly, it's so short it doesn't really get a chance to get a solid joke off. According to the convoluted rules of this list, a commercial like the one above probably shouldn't even be on here because it's technically for a TV show.

It looks nice to go on a cruise, but, come on, do something.

Security company ADT gives us a fairly standard look at all the fancy technology they use to keep their customers safe. That's about all that's going on in this one -- pretty boring.

Tennis legend Serena Williams has a powerful serve, which apparently makes her the ideal spokesperson for a dating app where women make the first move.For a commercial, it's fine -- but we worry about the impressionable young drivers out there, and have to dock this Who-scored Toyota commercial a few points for that reason. Where Amazon went the humorous, celebrity-driven route this year, our other tech-overlord, Google, decided to go for a more earnest, thoughtful approach.The ad shows off the Google Translate technology, offering a hopeful message about people communicating in different languages all over the globe.At least, that's the logic of this ad, which uses Williams's presence as a way to sell you on the idea that Bumble is more than a dating app.(It's also got services centered around building a career and making friends.) The unanswered question: Does Bumble improve your backswing?

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