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Harry Podder - A wise cracking prankster with a penchant for the medical field.He spent some not-inconsiderable time living among the aboriginal peoples of Australia, where he studied under a shaman and learned that there was more to this world that meets the eye.

suggestion: add a "attending" button to the topic's tittle thread allowing members to add names to the list or view other members attending the event Thanks for feedback.As a side note, this project is following the flowchart of our sponsor which got absolute priority, ofcourse.And thanks to it this project is being distributed as Open Source, GPL'ed. Secondary add-ons with extra features could be made separately though. In the next days I will write down a list of my easy needs and I hope this product will meet them easly. S.: I would like to see a monthly end weekly calendar with events and, of course, a list of year events. example: An association has an exhibition every second Saturday of the month from November to May.Forum rules READ: php Board-Wide Rules and Regulations IMPORTANT: Extensions Development rules IMPORTANT FOR NEEDED EVENTS!!!If you need an event for your extension please read this for the steps to follow to request the event(s) If you are running a board that is using events, in any way what so ever, this the extension for you.

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