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Nate refuses this offer, and his suspicions are justified when Latimer is revealed to be working with Victor Dubenich (the team's first victim) against the team.Season 5 opens with Nate having moved the team to Portland and setting up shop in a microbrewery (Bridgeport Brew Pub), but the season premiere ends with the revelation that Nate is working with Hardison on a secret project unknown to the others.More often, the flashbacks reveal new information to which the viewer has not been privy.

The season's final episode, broadcast on Christmas Day 2012, also reveals drastic changes in the lives and dynamics of the team, but assures the audience of their continuity: Nate and Sophie plan to marry, leaving the remaining three-person team under the leadership of Parker.Subplots include Nate's struggle with alcoholism, his complicated relationship with grifter Sophie Devereaux and the budding romance between hacker Alec Hardison and thief Parker.The team operates free of scrutiny as "Leverage Consulting & Associates", until Nate's former colleague, James Sterling, attempts their capture.For the second through fourth seasons, the show was primarily set in Boston, but filmed in Portland.Executive producer Dean Devlin announced the fifth season would not only be shot in Portland, but set there, as well.

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