Borderlands ps3 ze updating server list

As a result, 2K titles using Game Spy online service offerings were scheduled to go offline on May 31, 2014.

However, not all of our games will be losing online service.

*****UPDATE 4/5/2017***** 2K has announced it is ending its exchange program for players who own physical copies of , 2K will not provide support if you encounter any issues during the process. *****UPDATE 3/16/2015***** We're happy to announce that multiplayer has been restored to, Steam should automatically download and install the update for multiplayer.

contains changes that are permanently stored on your system and only needs to be downloaded once.From there, select the character you want to import. To do this, select "Export Character" from the main menu and follow the ensuing instructions.NOTE: You can only upload one character save file at a time, and the save file won't transfer back from current-gen to old-gen. On the main menu, select the "Import Character" option. On previous-generation consoles (Play Station 3 and Xbox 360), you'll need to upload your save file. Note: Vault Hunters in the Japan region are unable to export their saves at this time. If you have a saved Steam file on your computer, install and start the game.

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