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In addition, she is reportedly NOT in Hefner’s will, which means his net worth gets divided among his four children, the University of South California film school, and several charities, according to The Independent.

Previously, the Playboy mansion was also sold for 0 million to Daren Metropoulos and the agreement was that Mr. Hefner could reside in the home until Hefner’s death.

Crystal Harris (now Hefner) met the late legend Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion on Halloween in 2008.

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Gene Simmons surrendered to marriage because of his hardcore oneitis, the killer of men. Perhaps he wants some level of normalcy in his life now that he’s at death’s door.

Unlike Gene Simmons, I don’t think Hef is going to try monogamy very hard, and I think (again I’m guessing) that little miss 26 year-old wifey understands that once the honeymoon period is over, Hef will be right back to fucking chicks on the side.

Despite her shortcomings, Crystal Harris is not the over-33 demanding bitchfest Shannon Tweed is, making Hef’s marriage far less of a surrender than Gene Simmons’ was.

I can only speculate here, but my guess is staying married was somehow easier for him financially and it gave him an easy “out” with other women, specifically Madison, who was constantly pressuring him to kick the other bitches out and marry her. It’s also clear to me that, at that time anyway, he never wanted to get married again. Maybe his increased health problems made him think about death. Regardless, in 2010 his divorce was finalized, and just nine months later he proposed to his latest chick, Crystal Harris.

The timing of those two events is not a coincidence…when he wanted to get married, , leaving him to pursue monogamy elsewhere, possibly returning to Dr. Both Hef and Harris attacked each other publicly, her calling him disgusting and only lasting “two seconds” in bed, him calling her a liar, etc, etc. He quickly scooped up two new MLTRs (Anna Sophia Berglund and Shera Bechard) and continued as normal.

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