C validating close

Some may not be clear about what they are feeling because they weren't allowed to experience their feelings or learned to be afraid of their feelings.People may mask their feelings because they have learned that others don't react well to their sensitivity.People vary in their ability to know their own feelings.For example, some confuse anxiety and excitement and some confuse excitement and happiness.“The fact many students will not come in a number of years is going to make a huge difference: some of these programmes will just go.” Higher Education Statistics Agency data show that some universities are particularly exposed to any significant decline in the number of these students: non-UK EU students made up more than one in five full-time students on taught postgraduate courses at 20 institutions last year.They represented 29.8 per cent of full-time taught postgraduates at the University of St Andrews and 25.5 per cent at the London School of Economics, for example.

“Already the overseas market is struggling and, if you add even a modest decline in EU students, you can see some quite difficult scenarios,” Professor Galbraith said.

Durham University and Goldsmiths, University of London have offered the same guarantee for 2018-19, while Coventry University and the University of Bedfordshire say that there will be no change for the next five years.

But it is unclear what access to loans future EU students would have to cover these fees once Brexit is complete.

For yourself, being mindful of your own emotion is the first step to accepting your emotion.

The second level of validation is accurate reflection.

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