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During those years, some Cambodians killed their parents to show loyalty to the new communist regime, others watched their neighbors die, and families disintegrated.An unknown number of women became sex slaves, prostituted themselves for survival in exchange for food or medicine, were forced to marry, or were victims of sexual violence.The same report showed that 96.2 percent of Cambodian men and 98.5 percent of Cambodian women think that a woman should obey her husband.And 67 percent of women believe they should tolerate violence in order to maintain the family.It is a belief that is inculcated in women from childhood through Chbab Srey, a rhythmic poem that acts as an unofficial law of silence for them.

Raksmey’s case, and those of other rape victims, are being studied by the Transcultural Psychosocial Association of Cambodia (TPO).The judicial system barely functions in Cambodia, and most cases of domestic violence go unreported.Many women are discouraged from going to the authorities, doubting their chances of getting justice and fearing that they could put themselves at risk of reprisals, shame and loss of reputation within their communities.And rape is widely prevalent in Cambodia, According to the UN, 38.4 percent of Cambodian men who have committed a violation did not experience any consequences for it.And one in five Cambodian men admit to committing at least one rape, according to the report, an astonishing high figure.

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