Catholic church interracial dating

By european, I mean white or fair skin with straight or blonde hair.Whether it be in films, TV shows, magazine covers or commercials, the dominant portrayal of what is considered beautiful in the media is always women of european descent or that have european features!The only black women who are commercialized as being beautiful in the media are those who are either very light-skinned or those who wear their hair in perms or blonde wigs.Just take a look at some of our most popular black female celebrities today such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, and Rhianna. They each wear blonde wigs and perms, and they each have either bleached their skin or wear certain makeup to appear whiter.The downside of this is that because so many of our women are adopting these European standards of beauty, it has trained our men to be attracted to European features rather than African features.Since black men are already bombarded with commercials and ads (tv, online and print) that promote European women; when they see black women trying to look like these women, it subconsciously trains them to go after european women.

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One of today’s biggest reasons as to why interracial marriage is so popular among black people today is because of the media’s excessive promotion of it to black audiences.

Their European offspring were taught and forced to mate among other Europeans, instead of back into Hebrew (black) blood to white-out the black race.

This is where the modern day Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino people come from (the white ones, not the negroes).

According to Atlanta Black Star, there are over 22 tv shows out right now that promote interracial relationships.

I don’t have any statistics on the movies, but it seems as if every black movie that comes out today now has some form of interracial dating in it.

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