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It's a funny and enlightening read that covers basically everything you've ever wondered about sex — and even some things you probably wish you didn't know.Guide to Getting It On is for those that aren't necessarily comfortable with the subject of sex but want and desire more." Expect witty and explicit how-tos, tricks, tips and secrets from sex experts in this book full of sex advice — straight from the male perspective.

Not only does she provide tips to better sex, but she also provides couples with tips for improving the spark in their marriage.Author Sheila Wray Gregoire wants you to say goodbye to quickies and shallow sex and start experiencing a whole new world of love-making, and her book will help you with just that.She even provides you with some "Good Girl Dares" to try tonight.O' Reilly believes that hot sex isn't just about intercourse — it starts long before that.If you're hoping to regain that passion you once had or just get in better touch with your own needs, this book is a must for you.

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