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Ancient history and modern history make the existence of an authentic written message from God to man a necessity. Our previous article aimed for a greater understanding of the Old Testament by laying a foundation for the study of Sacred History (i.e., Salvation History). Further, we listed the specific books of the Old Testament that facilitate a chronological reading of Sacred History (Gen.; Ex.; Num.; Josh.; Judg.; 1-2 Sam.; 1-2 Ki.; Ezra; Neh.; and 1 Macc.). The writers of the Old Law abundantly proved by miracles the divine commission to deliver in writing the message of God. We observed the utility of the Old Testament for the depositum fidei by examining testimonies from the New Testament (the Savior and St. Finally, we mentioned ten crucial events for grasping Sacred History; starting with "The Beginning of History" and ending with "The Maccabean Revolt." Our Pedagogical Method: A "Snapshot" of Sacred History These foundational points allow us to proceed with our present article: the chronological reading of those ten major events within the epoch of the Old Covenant. 17:1-) — Life of Ruth (Ruth 1:1-) — Birth of Samuel (1 Sam.

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C.) — Israel Led Captive by the King of Assyria in 722 B. With the assistance of such Magisterial documents, certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list, the reader may now interact intelligently with Divine Revelation. C.) — Rehoboam Refuses Advice of the Elders (1 Ki. 1:1-) — Judah Led Captive by the King of Babylon in 586 B. P., writing in his monumental The Three Ages of the Interior Life: "Besides the Holy Eucharist, the true food of the saints is to be found in the Scriptures." Salvatore J. He resides with his wife and children in Spotsylvania, Virginia, where he directs the St. 22:1-) — Jeremiah Speaks of the Fall and Restoration of Jerusalem (Jer. Let us close with the simple yet profound advice of Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O. military and faculty member of Christendom College's Graduate School.

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