Colostomy dating

For a nice chart that breaks down the level of risk for each complication associated with which surgery you had, check out page 13 of the UOAA Intimacy Guide.

Way less research has been done on sexual complications in females.

All that is proof that you can date and find love with an ostomy, but despite that, dating can be scary in itself and you’ll be doing it with a big “secret” to reveal at some point so here are some tips and things to remember about sharing the news.

I compiled this from my own experience as well as from conversations with ostomate friends and strangers (I asked for advice in some social media based ostomy groups).

When you were talking to your surgeon about getting an ostomy, hopefully they told you you can do anything with an ostomy that you did before.

Dating and sex are included in that blanket statement.

It’s a collection of stories told by ostomates and their partners about dating and intimacy and it’s really encouraging.This can include nerve damage that leads to the inability to achieve erection and can affect potency.The damage is not always permanent, though it can take years to get your function back.It’s very comprehensive and to try to relay all the information here wouldn’t do it justice.I think it’s important to point out intimacy includes sex but is so much more.

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