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Because in this situation, aren't they saying that Joe is_smoker and Joe has_kids therefore true and true = true. I completely understand the naming of variables and how that's tough. So confusing because it's all true false false true true true false true true.

Heidi however is looking for not is_smoker and has_kids therefore false and true = false.

According to scientists from Politecnico di Torino, radiation emissions caused by an earthquake may have confused carbon dating tests conducted in 1988 which suggested the cloth was only 728 years old, and therefore likely to be a forgery.

I mean, I might like kicking it with you but that’s it.

So, in Craig's example, Joe would fill in True for is_smoker and True for has_kids in his dating profile, and Heidi would fill out not is_smoker and has_kids as her preferences.

Naming things is hard, but generally it's best to name boolean values from the perspective of Truthy. Also, one thing that might help is that the instructors description of it might just be confusing.

Letting go of a confused man within the first few months of dating is much easier than being left by a confused man after a few years of dating.

Sometimes those mixed signals have nothing to do with the fact that you have been nagging a tad bit too much lately, that you feel your shape is unflattering a few days out of each month, or that he is attempting to ‘get his life together’; instead he may not feel that extra connection that allows him to pursue anything more than being your friend with benefits.

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