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invasive, it was most likely used for advertising — not for identity theft or some other malicious scam.

In other words: It’s wise not to download it, just like it’s wise to download as few apps as you possibly can and not use Facebook or Google for anything.

Certainly most people know this on some level, but something about the intimate invasiveness of having your selfies picked through strikes a nerve.

In January 2017, people were antsy about the Chinese photo-editing app Meitu, which had a fairly racist “hot” filter and was full of code that could pull sensitive identifying data from users’ phones.

(Typically, if you are going to trust any apps, the best bets are ones that do everything directly on your device.) The more interesting feature at launch was the ability to add (very creepy) smiles to people’s faces.

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Salon contributor Bob Cesca also tweeted, “The company is based in St.Most alarmingly, it collected geographic data, and if it couldn’t access it through traditional GPS coordinates, would extract it from the metadata of the photographs its users were taking.All that data was being sent to China, which was cited as particularly disturbing.It is definitely weird that Face App is retaining your photos for possible “commercial use.” I assume this is so it can continue using them to train new AI-based features, but who knows? However, the biggest motive for Face App to collect your information is most likely ad targeting, and the motive to make a scary face-aging filter is likely just to jack up downloads so that more people are dumping info into the data set.There is really no reason to believe that the Russian government is doing something scary with pictures of your face.

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