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In 2010, she joined Micamy Design Studio and is the director of the Charlotte Studio.

The firm’s specialties include “Corporate Office, Hospitality, Club House – Amenity Centers, Residential, Mixed-Use Condominiums, Retail, Dealership/Showroom, Medical Office and High-End Residential.”Amy will be using her design skills in a new show for DIY Network, which will debut in 2018. Although they started dating in 2009, they didn’t make the relationship public until they appeared together at the 2011 NASCAR Awards. She was previously married to Tommy Cook, an assistant defensive line coach at the University of Kentucky, notes ESPN. Cook’s Linked In page notes that he is currently an executive recruiter at Cameron Smith & Associates.

Earnhardt finally popped the question while he was on a family trip through Germany in June 2015 to learn about his famous family’s heritage. It wasn’t like this jumping up and down, screaming. I just couldn’t get it together.” A year and a half after getting engaged, Amy and Earnhardt finally married on December 31, 2016 to ring in the new year.

The 42-year-old Earnhardt is married to Amy Earnhardt, who wrote that she is “so proud” of her husband for making it back to driving after suffering a concussion and is “even prouder” of his decision to walk away.

The wedding took place at Childress Vineyards in North Carolina. He added, “Amy’s really stuck with me through a lot of years and I’ve changed as a person. I went from being very selfish and self-centered and just about what was good for me, what I wanted to do in that moment.

[I] have grown to be more considerate, more caring, much happier.

Everything about my life is better.” For the past three years, Amy and Earnhardt have gone to couples therapy.

According to ESPN, this was Earnhardt’s idea, since he’s seen it work with other members of his family.

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