Dating a bipolar drug addict

As a result, the addict no longer experiences the same high from drinking or using, and is unable to even feel normal without drugs or alcohol.Their brain function has been altered, causing a state of low mood and energy that reinforces the drug-seeking behavior their brain has already been trained to encourage.This disruption overstimulates the communication system and causes rapid changes in the brain.

Extensive scientific studies of addiction have shown that months or years of chronic substance use creates physical and chemical changes in the brain that perpetuate drug seeking behavior.So, you are in a relationship/married to someone who has Bipolar? I hope this would be helpful for someone, and will also unite people to share, support, and give advise. So, my topic is, what do we do when we hate our meds' effect and try to do anything to feel hypomanic.As I saw in the poll, handling depression is very hard, it's easier when you and your partner is full of joy. Even a healthy thing like exercise becomes an obsession.You can become addicted to the drama and excitement of the roller coaster ride of dating someone with an addiction.And because you care about this person, you may also desperately want to save them from themselves.

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