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They like to be surrounded by beauty, especially in their homes, and have a refined, modern, and expensive taste. Because they typically weigh both sides of a situation it’s difficult for them to make decisions. Because they have such expensive taste and because they truly do love being surrounded by beautiful things this can lead to problems. Libra men make it a point to have very unique tastes and truly enjoy when another person makes a comment or compliments him. They can be extremely lazy – both mentally and physically.

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Whether it’s verbal flirting, like playful banter, or physical flirting such as playful touches, flirting is fun!MORE: How to Turn a Man On One of the biggest indicators that he’s into you is body language.When he’s flirting, he’ll lean into you while talking with you.When we like someone, we want to know everything about them and pay close attention to what they say.You catch his eye from across the room and his smile changes, even if he was already smiling!

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