Dating a sagittarius capricorn cusp Web chat with random people

First dates with the Archer are likely to set a friendly, flirty tone, with Sagittarius wisecracking and Capricorn just being wise, an old soul, perhaps a bit serious at first.But Sagittarius' joviality disarms the self-protective Capricorn.

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The Earth Signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn promise steadiness and calm. However, this is providing they are not put off by the Earth Signs being slow to get close to.

An ever-widening worldview keeps Sagittarius in traveling mode.

Capricorn's purpose is to live the visions, not talk about them.

Emotional Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces could actually be a good match for Libra-Scorpio.

However, Libra-Scorpio could find the awkwardness and shyness of the Water Signs lovable.

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