Dating a transman oprah

Yes, I do have that problem (laughs) How important was it to you to deliberately set out to provoke people into questioning gender identities and labels that society insists that we carry?

It was important to me in the porn business, but it wasn’t important to me in the outside world.

I was very popular and they even flew me to Europe to work.

However I was doing this whole feminine thing, which wasn’t in anyway part of whom I was, and although they didn’t make me wear much make up, they dressed me in women’s clothes, which I hated.

I am going to be honest with you, I did not start out to do my porn work to be an advocate in any way.

I did it solely because that was the industry I chose to be in, and frankly I wanted to make a million dollars by shocking people.

The thing that made me whole as a person was reclaiming my vagina and reclaiming my sexuality. I am never going to be a man with a cock, that’s just the way it’s going to be.

So if you think it’s shocking that’s OK, and if you think it it’s hot, that is also a good thing I get the impression that whatever you set your hand to – you want to be the best?

A difficult question to answer as ever since I was a kid I always felt like a boy, and my parents treated me as a tomboy.At 16-years-old you were a very pretty young woman who was incarcerated for your suicidal attempts/tendencies, then somehow you came through this dark period to end up being a top model.Well, my luck changed when a talent scout ‘spotted me’ in the street, and I had some photos taken which they took to an agency who offered me work straightaway. ’ It was the 80s and the whole androgyny look was getting very big and I fitted right into that.I could have been much more successful, but I was so very unhappy.The only saving grace was that there were a lot of drugs and drinking involved and I was up for that, and so I just went along with the whole thing for a while.

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