Dating an ex girlfriend

What do you know about Joe when he is not on-camera?

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The Nazi-endorsing ex-girlfriend of Seth Rollins is now dating WWE Superstar Sonya Deville. — Zahra (@zahraschreiber) May 16, 2018 Schreiber was once a WWE Superstar in training but was fired in 2015 after she was caught with images of the Swastika on social media.Let me start this off by saying how grateful I am and how fortunate I feel to have had my time with WWE. Last week WWE made a decision to release me from my contract due to posts I made on social media years ago, long before I was ever employed by them.I understand why that decision was made, but it broke my heart and my spirit.Joe is also an acclaimed musician; back in 2009 he began working on his debut music release, the EP “Sing a Song”, which featured such songs as “Unwilling to Give Up”, “The Taste of Bread”, and “My Song, Your Sun”, among others, that all helped increase his popularity.Since launching his modeling career, Joe has managed to prove himself as an actor and musician as well, which have also contributed to his wealth.

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