Dating and soul mates

You’ll get the opportunity to meet lots of matches, some of who you could potentially have great relationships with, but you may dismiss them too soon because they don’t fit the rigid picture you have of your other half.The concept of being incomplete as a single person is limiting and can make people feel as though there’s some stigma attached to being single. You’re more likely to attract someone into your life if you feel satisfied on your own than if you walk around with an air of neediness because you feel your life can’t really begin until you have found ‘the one’.

The clues that you’ve found your soulmate rather than a life partner all seem to be to do with the intensity of the unspoken connection between you according to Dr Carmen Harra writing in the Huffington Post last year.

A soulmate has the capacity to complete and enhance your life in a way that seems almost predestined.

Many people say it’s like they ‘recognised’ their partner or as though they had always known them, maybe even in a previous life.

“If he gambles money away or even just spends it on the latest tech toys when you’re looking to secure your financial future, the relationship will not work,” she adds. The Family Values Test Do you both want the same number of kids, if any at all?

Is he expecting you to convert from Catholicism to Judaism?

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