Dating bogotanos

Many people in the capital are curious about foreigners and will initiate a conversation to learn more about where you’re from and why you’re in Colombia. I met some absolutely incredible people from Medellin, but I also met a few rude ones, too.Bogota may be the most educated Latin American city I’ve ever stepped foot in.

When cities in Colombia are the topic at hand, Medellin is rarely questioned as the top choice.However, moving around the city is much easier than in Bogota. Bogota will get rain 3-5 times a week in the afternoons. You’ll typically find temperatures fluctuate from a high of 70 Fahrenheit in the late mornings to a low of 55 Fahrenheit in the middle of the night.Plus, the metro system in Medellin is truly world-class and allows residents and tourist alike to get around easily and efficiently. On the contrary, weather in Medellin is typically spectacular.Expect to come away infused with new ideas and “can do” energy. The altitude (8,661ft) and jetlag get me every time.Then I stretch my legs to take in the unfamiliar, but spectacular plants and trees, mountain air and light. The Hotel de La Opera (0057 ; co) is charming, built from two renovated colonial homes in the historic and colonial centre of la Candelaria. There’s a local saying that you drink the first drink and it’s that drink that drinks the rest. La Fragata’s (Calle 100, 8a-55; 616 7461) trout and seafood comes fresh from the mountain lakes and coast and is cooked in traditional or more simple style and served with fantastic salads.

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