Dating book editions

I will probably ask you to send photos to assess their edition and condition.I also purchase early Oz, Baum, Denslow and Roycroft ephemera (paper items).The most surefire way to determine the printing history of an Oz book is to use The Book Collector’s Guide to L. Another good guide is Bibliographia Oziana put out by the International Wizard of Oz Club.I have attempted to describe some general rules of thumb below for a brief online reference. It is easier to determine what is NOT a first edition rather than what is.

It should have 24 color plates inside (including the title page).Books titled “The Wizard of Oz”, “The New Wizard of Oz”, or “The Original Oz Book” are all later editions.3) Most early Oz books were printed with color plates (inserted color illustrations) up until about 1935.Books with these flaws have little commercial value and are best to pass on to your children or keep for sentimental value.Do to a large number of requests, I can’t provide information on your individual book, but use the Contact tab on my website if you have color plate books in very good condition that you would like to sell.

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