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Knowing a woman’s preferred type of wine isn’t as important as knowing her eye color, but it helps.As counter-intuitive as it may feel for those of us who see wasting alcohol as a mortal sin, make sure you use that spit bucket.Both (the guides and history) will provide for plenty of conversation at the cafe or bar afterward.

Get creative, then use the middle of the day to find some easy recipes and pick up the rest of the ingredients you’ll need. They can make for a terrific evening in (if that’s what you’re looking for). Monopoly has enough chance involved that no one’s feelings will get hurt (yours included) if someone completely dominates the other. Wineries are sprouting up everywhere this side of Antarctica.Most of these upstarts allow wine tasting for free or for a very small price (and often times, those that charge let you keep the glass.) Go and learn about the different wines, what they pair well with, and keep mental notes on which varietals she enjoys the most.File this one under the category of two-birds/one stone.Most of us have relatives in other parts of the country (or world) and you never know what to get them for their birthday or the holidays.

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