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We also need to extend those boundaries into any social media and texting we allow them to have. It’s important that we keep the dialogue open so we can help our teens understand the behind every rule and patiently work through their concerns with them.

Our teens aren’t really that much different from teens of past generations.

Obviously, peer pressure can go in a negative direction, but this lessens when we get to know the individuals in their group.

His published work can be found on Amazon, under the name Yosef Paper. (This despite the fact that Molly has 2,000 Facebook friends!

As strict and “old fashioned” as previous generations may seem, their culture upheld clear moral standards.

For instance, an unmarried girl could never be alone with a boy in her bedroom (or anywhere in the house), and teens had curfews.

Just like we once were, they’re apt to be confused about how to deal with the opposite sex.

Parents Bryan and Hayley have helped their teens by creating a “safe zone” during the dinner hour.

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