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Each of is a pretty unique being, forged by our unique combination of genes and our specific upbringings.It’s hard for one such being to meet another he or she clicks with. Dating is NOT easier for girls/women than it is for boys/men.I also fell in love with my best friend, who was a guy who loved me dearly as a friend but was not interested in me romantically.What whiny guys like to call being “friend-zoned.” Good looks and a charming, outgoing personality can definitely make dating easier for men and for women.

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Men have like five haircuts that are acceptable if they don’t want to be teased forever. And if they get a spray tan women will notice it from a mile away and avoid them, assuming they bat for the other team.They’re left pining after someone longer and, in turn, taking a long time to move on.When we are out with a date, other men blatantly turn their heads to check us out, making our date more interested immediately—men want what other men want.Meanwhile if a man asks a woman to spend time with him one on one, it’s almost immediately assumed to be a date.So we can more accurately assess if we actually like a man or just want to sleep with him.

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