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Rachel enables them to work out what they need in a relationship and how to find out quickly whether the other person can meet those needs.

She tells them honestly what subtle things they’re doing that might put people off when they first meet.

Dating people different from you is good for you and society!

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We will transform your personal relationships and create lasting change for you.

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I have professional insight, warmth and am able to support you and guide you through this challenging time.World class dating experts, body language coaches, stylists will bring you to a whole new level.We will transform your personal relationships and create lasting change for you. Hand picked male & female dating experts will give you 360° perspective on yourself with tens of thousands of hours of coaching & training between us.One of the most experienced dating gurus in the UK, Mary Balfour has been running London-based matchmaking and dating agency Drawing Down the Moon since the early 1980s.With her team of highly experienced London based matchmakers the multi-award winning team at Drawing Down the Moon have found soul mates for thousands of time-scarce, single professionals.

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