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However, when the first chat turns into an online, and then offline, relationship, the likelihood of finding profound love increases.

“There is nothing wrong with him” Unlike the two previous ways of choosing a romantic partner, this way takes into account profound qualities, and when no profound negative qualities are detected, the prospective partner may be given a chance (Gottlieb, 2010).

Most agree that online dating offers people a larger pool of romantic candidates.

But is it easier to find long-term profound love online versus off?

It should be noted that, although beauty has a powerful impact at first sight, the weight of this impact decreases as time passes, when we get to know the person’s other characteristics.

Likewise, wittiness has a powerful impact at first chat, but its impact may be reduced once we the person’s other characteristics begin to surface.

Superficial activities affect only the surface of our lives—they are more limited in their scope and immediate impact and they can have a negative influence on our lives, if we engage in them too frequently.

The distinction between profound and superficial phenomena is expressed in the romantic realm in the differentiation between romantic intensity and profundity, a distinction that is seldom made.

Romantic intensity expresses the momentary measure of passionate, often sexual, desire.

Love at first sight: falling in love at the first meeting (superficial, positive); 3.

“There is nothing wrong with him”: detecting profound flaws (profound, negative); 4.

Bringing out the best in each other: accentuate profound positive advantages (profound, positive).

The checklist manner Establishing a checklist of the perfect partner's desirable (and undesirable) qualities is a common practice.

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