Dating hiv people

As for an actual date, I usually tell the person on the second date.And I tell every potential sex partner before having sex.Ideally, they already know about the advocacy work I do, so they already know my status. I drop giant hints about the work I do so it’s not coming out of left field.Then I cross my fingers that they ask me how I got into this work.

One gentleman and I met through a mutual friend, and I figured that since this friend was positive he might have disclosed my status.

Not that I pick up lots of people in the supermarket, but that’s where the ­funniest conversations happen. I generally go on a couple of dates and feel the person out a bit before disclosing.

Most recently I met someone on an airplane and now I have an international lover. I tell before I know I’m going to make out with them.

There’s lots of conversation with a definite make-out at the end.

Or, a hot date with Freddy Mercury and we’re both wearing jumpsuits (imagine how fun that would be).

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