Dating multiple girls same time

When I've got my eye on a girl, she's typically the only one I've got my eye on, and if I don't get her then all hope is lost for a couple of months. How people can happily chat up to girls at the same time is beyond me.I know I'd personally feel horrible if I knew the girl I was dating was seeing other guys.

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We also don’t expect to be the only person in yours until we’ve decided to be exclusive.Although if I was in a relationship I'd only date that person and expect to be the only person they were dating as well, if I found out they were seeing someone else, or they'd cheated, or they asked if I wanted an open relationship I'd have to leave, because personally I don't want that. I am not fond of this Psychological projection, if you have nothing of substance to add please find better use of your time, or try again this time actually using your brain instead of vomiting your pent up emotional damage all over us.There's nothing wrong with it as long as you're honest with each girl that you want a non-monogamous relationship. Monogamy isn't natural, we are non-monogamous creatures by nature. People are becoming more sexually liberated and experimenting with non-monogamy more and more nowadays, without feeling the societal pressure of trying to fit their relationships into the limited confines of monogamy.I’ve always been a relationship kind of girl, which is in part due to the way that I was raised.But I always found it interesting that while I was being taught about being a potential wife, my younger brother was being coached by our father about why he shouldn’t put all of his eggs in one basket.

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