Dating roller skates

It had it all: gaudy styles, godawful music, and an air of uninhibited sexuality that made the whole mad affair seem a bit seedy.

Before her slimy husband murdered her, Dorothy Stratton was Playmate numero uno.

Given the view, I know it’s hard to concentrate, but please try to focus. We could list fabulous examples of roller-vinyl all day; but, we’ve more ground to cover. There was many a TV show to ride the roller-gravy train.

Even the Brady Bunch variety show gave it a spin; however, the ultimate roller episode has to be the CHi Ps episode “Roller Disco” (1979).

Nothing was done in moderation in the 70s and 80s; so, any fad had to achieve total and absolute saturation before dying off (i.e. Olivia Newton-John and Cheryl Tiegs You’ll note that a lot of these images feature the roller skate that looked like a tennis shoe. “The greatest thing in outdoor recreation since jogging” – so sayeth O. Of course, the ankle-snapping sidewalk skates were a step up from the kind that simply buckled over your shoe.

It would be another decade or so before the rollerblade and the in-line retractable roller shoe would come along to make these skates look oh so very antiquated. Carhops had been around for decades prior to the 1970s. There were still plenty around compared to today; it wasn’t until the 80s that they became completely anachronistic. Ever wore some nice clothes to a smoke-filled bar and have them ruined because they forever smell like a filthy ashtray?

All the ice skating and rollerskating we list are rated according to the ages they are suitable for, facilities and whether they are suitable for rainy days or best when the sun is shining.In addition to our popular classic quad collection we have branched out into innovative inline skate, skateboards and other wheeled productlines and accessories.For the beginner Chicago offers the multi-adjust boot that grows with the child as they hone their skating skills. Once the basic skills are mastered the size fitted quad skates increase the riders performance and speed while providing comfort by a stitched upper boot and padded collar.Other roller tunes of note: Bicycles, Roller Skates and You – The Archies Roller Rink – Trooper Roller Skating Child – Beach Boys Roller Skate Rag – Barbara Streisand Roller Skatin’ Mate – Peaches and Herb Also check out “Roller Boogie” by Dutch girl group Bisquit. Legend has it that, in the late Seventies, the boardwalks of Venice Beach, California overflowed with scantily clad roller girls. Back then, lifting your portable music devices could cause back injury.Whether this claim has become embellished over the years is uncertain; however, the tall tales of the Venice Beach Roller Babes live on. Remember those rainbow socks and tennis shoe skates?

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