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South Bend Bait Co., South Bend, Ind., began its reelmaking by acquiring the rights to an antibacklash wire bail, which was used on many of their reels into the 1960s. From then until 1919, when its tackle division was acquired by Winchester Repeating Arms Co., it mass-produced a remarkable number of reels in an equally remarkable range of styles and construction qualities.Over the years, the company made what seems like an infinite variety of reels, but only the very earliest models have significant collector value. Hendryx reels were made from stamped sheet brass, brass castings, nickel-plated brass, German silver, aluminum, and combinations of hard rubber with brass or German silver.Hendryx reels remain attractive to collectors for a number of reasons.They are old, and they were among the first truly mass-produced fishing reels in the U. Because so many were produced, they are still relatively inexpensive, and their seemingly infinite variety virtually guarantees that a collector will never run out of Hendryx reels to track down.The major tackle companies frequently made certain models for two decades or more.

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Q1: Many of the questions received about older reels concern American level winding baitcasting reels mass-produced from the 1930s to the 1960s.However, mint Pflueger reels with their boxes probably earn proportionately higher premiums than those of other companies. Ranger Gold Medal, Blue Ribbon, First Award, Trophy Ranger, Inc., Rockford, Mich., was another company that made reels after World War II. Shakespeare Criterion, Wondereel, Ideal, Sportcast, Tru-Axis, Marhoff, Direct Drive, President, True Blue, Deuce, Service The Shakespeare Co., Kalamazoo, Mich., probably had more influence in popularizing the level-wind casting reel than any other company.Its first reel featured the overly complex level wind patented by William Shakespeare, Jr., in 1897 (See Photo Gallery 1 on this site for an example).Major exceptions include their line of Coxe-Bronson reels (See Question 10.), the Reel-O-Mine, and the Invader. During its later years, Ocean City produced many baitcasting reels, but none has significant value.The company was bought by the makers of True Temper tackle. Pflueger Akron, Summit, Nobby, Skilkast, Supreme The Pflueger reels were the top line made by Enterprise Mfg.

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