Dating wealthier

Most men she is set up with don’t seem interested in casual dating.

They are looking for wives – blushing, tender, baby-making wives.

They were pushed to study, succeed and achieve as only boys had done before them.

The demographic pressures of the one-child society have actually increased the obligations on both sexes, even though they were born into a freer, more prosperous world than that of their parents.

In this she is running against cultural expectations: though China’s economic and physical landscape have changed beyond recognition in recent decades, social mores lag far behind.

In imperial China the family was seen as the building block of a stable society.

” warns her mother as June gets ready for a date one evening.Daughters, like sons, are expected to perform the ultimate act of filial piety and produce an heir.When it comes to the marriage market, women are often expected to forget their own desires and honour those of their parents and prospective husbands, even with the financial and academic heft that they now wield.During the course of the evening she is careful to let the man do most of the talking, to appear interested in everything he says and to react with sufficient wonder to ensure that he is comfortably marinating in his own ego at all times.This proves somewhat challenging for the 27-year-old Beijinger, who is no shrinking violet.

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