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Crazy-Pants continues to parade me around to her friends, but I am as lame of a guy than I have ever been, replying with one word answers and short statements when possible. I could be wrong, but that seems like something I might tell my date on the first date….maybe tell them before starting to plan our wedding.Meanwhile, Crazy-Pants tried to pump me full of alcohol, which would have been helpful, to smooth the situation out, but I had decided to drive home ASAP and thus refrained.We were both athletes that enjoyed competing, so I decided laser tag would be a sweet second date.

So here are some great ideas for how to scare a guy away immediately. Sex is not always the first thing on the guy’s mind.I called her up a few days later to set up a second date.Since I’m not a traditional-type-of-date kind of guy, I decided dinner or a movie wouldn’t do.I’m glad this girl made it easy for me to see the crazy side of her before I jumped into a situation that would have been much more difficult to get out of.Nhưng chắc hẳn phải có gì đó thì mới tin tưởng nhau dữ đến vậy, chứ không doanh nhân mà bị lừa giấy tờ giả bời hoa hậu.

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