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If the condition is the same or worse, then the rating will either remain the same or be raised under the new rating criteria.If the VA does raise your rating, the benefits from the higher rating will be post-dated to October 23, 2008.Since these conditions are not directly caused by the trauma to the brain, they are not rated here but are rated separately.Some individuals experience numerous TBIs—they could be exposed to repeated IED blasts, etc.Remember, however, that it is the Rating Authorities who ultimately choose how a condition is rated.The principles discussed on this page are used by the Rating Authorities, but the various Authorities may interpret or apply these principles differently.Does the condition interfere with the individual’s ability to work? In addition to this, in many TBI cases, the individual affected may not be able to properly tell the history of his condition and describe all its symptoms to the physicians.It is important in these cases that a third party who is familiar with the entire condition, like a family member, is able to attend all examinations so that everything is properly recorded.

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The VA will not lower the rating UNLESS the condition has obviously improved.Probably the best way our discussion about TBI can help you is by giving you an understanding of the tests needed and information necessary to properly rate your condition.With this knowledge, make sure that all the proper tests are performed, thorough notes are taken by the physician, and the necessary conditions are officially diagnosed so that when the Rating Authorities apply these principles, they will have a complete record of every facet of your condition.Because of that, it is impossible to predict how the Rating Authorities will rate your TBI condition.The best we can do is explain the principles to you.

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