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The war became slow in the west and became trench warfare.Many men were killed on both sides without winning or losing.Other events happened during the war in Nazi Germany, including the Holocaust, the mass genocide of Jews and other peoples, for which some Nazis were punished in the Nuremberg Trials.In 1989 there was a process of reforms in East Germany, which lead to the opening of the Berlin Wall and to the end of socialist rule in Germany.

The war ended in 1918 because the Germans could not win in the west and gave up. France took Alsace from Germany and Poland got the Danzig corridor.

Its political rules come from the 'constitution' called Basic Law (Grundgesetz), written by West Germany in 1949.

It has a parliamentary system, and the parliament elects the head of government, the Federal Chancellor (Bundeskanzler).

To the south of Germany are the countries of Austria and Switzerland.

To the west of Germany are the countries of France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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