Did jake gyllenhaal dating reese witherspoon

Reportedly, the two have been having a pretty good time jetting all around the world.They have been spotted in London, Greece, and recently in Paris, France.That was, further, made clear during an interview back in 2017, with ’ –all rumored to be about him.After some silence, Gyllenhaal eventually answered, and said, “I would love to not talk about my personal life.”So if it is a movie interview, Jake’s got no problem.

In his list, however, two relationships are quite outstanding: one with actress Kirsten Dunst (2001-2004), and the other one with Reese Witherspoon (2007-2009). To add to his impressive dating list is none other than UK pop singer, Taylor Swift.

If you would like to learn more about Jake Gyllenhaal, read on below to find out some interesting information.

In the past two decades, Jake Gyllenhaal has made headlines for dating some very well-known women in Hollywood.

This might stir some doubts though, especially when you relate to the last time he dated someone such young (Taylor Swift).

But judging from how fast their relationship is flourishing, there seems to be quite some hope in this one.

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