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Less Sexism Younger men are way less likely to be sexist. More Open-Minded It’s way more likely for a younger man to be more open-minded in general.Most of them are in on the whole equality thing and they are more likely to respect you and see you as an equal, if not look up to you. Not only about age difference or sexuality, but about life in general.Even the mighty polar bear stops to smell the flowers - a perfect day for Dad, Mom or anyone who could use a little rest and relaxation.This little known but true behavior of polar bears is sure to inspire the recipient of the card for almost any occasion.In Scandinavia the evergreen mistletoe has since ancient times stood for peace, love and long life.

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A younger man just hasn’t had the time to go through all that crap that will make him bitter and awful to be around. Think about what a lovely positive influence that would be.4.The card includes a lovely tune called "Londonderry Air" which has been used with a variety of different song lyrics, such as Katherine Tynan Hinkson's "Irish Love Song".The peony is a favorite motif in the Orient; a symbol of love and affection, beauty and good luck, a sensitive expression of life's shifting dimensions.This card is a celebration of diversity and peace for all of our global family.Prominent Tibetan singer songwriter Techung has kindly provided the beautiful music in this card, which transports you to the heart of Tibet, soaring above the "Roof of the World".

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