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He notes that the second law of thermodynamics says that “energy of all kinds in our material world disperses or spreads out if it is not hindered from doing so.” Entropy quantitatively measures the extent to which energy has flowed from being localized to becoming more widely spread.Lambert observes that all spontaneous phenomena in the universe are examples of the second law because they involve energy dispersing.It is the transformation-energy idea that is now called entropy.

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This work eventually led to the idea of transformation-energy or energy lost to dissipation and friction.The concept of entropy which first arose in the determination of the maximum efficiency attainable by heat engines in the early 19th century has turned out to have ramifications that extend far beyond its original domain of application.It is no exaggeration to claim that nearly every branch of science, engineering, and even the social sciences has been touched by entropy.In this paper, we systematically study the thermodynamic stability of fcc and bcc superlattices as a function of ligand length, core size, and ligand coverage with a coarse-grained molecular model.Our simulations reveal that bcc superlattices are stabilized via two fundamentally different mechanisms, depending on ligand length.

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