Example for sex chat

Many customers are actually surprised with this question, in a good way.Probably because support elsewhere rarely ask them this question.Greeting should be professional, while remaining friendly and personal at the same time.A good example would be: “” I am personally a fan of this one, as it works really well.

It would be jarring to write, “It has been a pleasure assisting you in purchasing your shoes.” Better to write, “I know you’re going to like your dope kicks.””Could you think of a better closure than this? In conclusion, I would like to say that we had a great fun crafting these chat messages. Leslie O’Flavahan, an expert in online communication and the honcho at E-Write in her post “10 Skills Agents Need to Chat with Customers” had a great example on this. Before updating your operator greeting, make sure your customers share your sense of humor. Well, all messages should be in line with your company style.Greeting is important, as it sets the tone for the whole conversation.Quite often the service agents fall into one of the two extremes: either their greeting is too short and informal, or too long and formal, both of which betray the lack of respect and concern for the customer.

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