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For example, specific, difficult, and high-paying jobs often have very small and targeted applicant searches.

General, easy, and low-paying jobs, in contrast, have large and public advertisements.3) Evaluate applicants - once applicants have shown interest, they are then "screened" or "evaluated".

They focus on the "middle" of the process, which is particularly weak, especially without the other steps.

In fact, the most important steps are usually 1 and 4 (which I heavily focus on in my own dating advice and consultancy).

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Generally, when an organization has a position to fill, it goes through the following steps:1) Developing a job description - the duties, tasks, and behaviors expected of the position are assessed and written down.Similarly, just focusing on the "evaluating applicants" phase falls flat too.This strategy is popular with personality tests and "profile matching" such as e Harmony. But, advertised as a "complete solution" to dating and relationships, they fall flat.Or, you may find someone who also has a high sexual appetite, but you're still going to have to teach them how you specifically like to be pleased in bed.Essentially then, perfectly matched "soul mates" leading to an effortless relationship forever does not exist.

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